Cruise 2017 Adventure

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February 2nd, 2020
Smells as good as it looks
February 2nd, 2020
Imagine leaving a Cornish winter, flying into a tropical paradise on a light aircraft, walking fifty meters, stepping onto a little rib, buzzing to a lovely yacht, dropping your bags, having a fresh fruit breakfast and then snorkeling in a cave full of tropical fish. That was Stu's start to his break on the good ship 'Pearl of Penzance'.
February 2nd, 2020
On the way to Georgetown we dropped the anchor for the night of Boysiey Cay to discover that with a swell it has the most amazing blowhole. At times blasting up to fifty feet high with a satisfying hiss.
February 2nd, 2020
One thing that isn't in short supply is fish and I am pleased to report that my Pole Spearing is starting to feed us. I just love the sport and take great pleasure in the time that it takes to rustle up supper.
February 2nd, 2020
If there is any good news in the sorry Conch tale we found it in the Land and Sea Park at Cambridge Cay in the form of a Conch Nursery. As you can see from the picture there is a sea of them in very shallow water. A beautiful sight.
February 2nd, 2020
I'm writing this on board so am not sure what the last update was until I get ashore so apologies if there is a gap.

We have our good friend Stu on board but before he joined us we rattled down to Georgetown to top up with stores and make sure I had good connectivity for a long conference call.

As we were leaving the harbour my eye was drawn to a reflection on a small Island which turned out to be a huge pile of old Conch shells. It's a desperately sad sight and one of the reasons we won't eat them. Consumption is now unsustainable and I have only seen a few in all the time I have been snorkeling here.
February 2nd, 2020
This comes from Normans Cay where we have just spent a bouncy night as a tasty little front rattled through at about 02.00hrs. It's now just after lunch and having lost its puff the clouds have opened up for a lovely warm sun. A nice contrast to the cool northerly breeze that follows the front.

I don't like to rely in anchor alarms for I always think that by the time it has stumbled you on deck half asleep it's too late. Better to give up some sleep and see the lovely Pearl through the worst of it from the protection of the cockpit. A view that was underlined when I belted over to a ketch that was fast dragging onto a sandbar. Bumping alongside my warning shout was met with the startled, and somewhat indignant retort that 'the anchor alarm hasn't gone off'.

A flurry of activity had the engine roaring, the anchor hoisted and dropped in a better spot. No sooner had things settled and the alarm went off. Electronics are great but they are not infallible.

Normans Cay is a safe haven with lovely snorkeling and a bar that has broadband connectivity and so here I am updating the blog after a prolonged period with limited connectivity.
January 14th, 2020
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