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08 Aug 2016

Jeff O'Neil

I have just read 'Close To the Wind'. What an inspirational story. Good on you for having the guts to do the Vendee.

I wish you the best of luck in the future.

13 May 2016

Mario Augusto

Thank you for your Book.I found a signed book of yours in a Marina in Lisbon (Marina Parque das Naçoes).regarding how inspirational the book is for me, that i planned to start a school for Ocean Sailors (Solo skippers).CAn you imagine that a country with so many names of sailors from the 14001500/1600 doesn´t have any "solitaire" in the main events?Thanks again Pete for your inspiration.

11 Aug 2015


I met Pete and his wife Tracy today at the Porthleven exhibition of past photographs of the people of Porthleven. What a lovely genuine couple. Pete opened the exhibition. I will have great joy in telling my grandchildren how I asked Tracy if she was on the que to have her photo taken with Pete. You can imagine my surprise when she told me she was his wife. However she very kindly took a photo of me standing beside her famous husband. Thank you Tracy.
18 Sep 2014

Mike Watson

I'm guessing that the weather didn't play ball this summer for the trip to Norway. If it's still on and you need help I'd love to drive a safety rib for you guy's. I first sailed to Norway when I was 17 on the maxi La Poste , I have since sailed there there times, and spent 2 seasons sailing and racing on the south coast of Norway Sweden and Denmark. My last trip was last November amongst all those storms, took forever to get a weather window, in the end we motored for 2 days becalmed before riding the edge of gale. It was minus ten before wind chill when we arrived and the marina was frozen! So June would be best sling as summer has arrived in the north it is the calmest time of year up there when the sea turns to a mill pond. Although you lack the breaze to sail. The alternative usually from the south west has a habit of bringing the Atlantic swell with it. That oncen on the continental shelf gets very lump and very step very quickly. But with the right windo  w when you think you have reached heaven then you will know you have arrived for it is the most beautiful country on earth with the most spectacular sun sets and rises. And a kayak is probably best way to truly visit the coast and fjords of Norway.Ps your trip around Tasmania inspired me to get an inflatable sea kayak which I am slowly getting used to after so many years of traveling at +10 kts it's a totally different world but it's still a boat! All the best and good weather. Cheers

10 Mar 2014

Bob Palmer

last year my wife and I vacationed in Maryland, on one of our day trips to st. Michaels I saw a boat with a Anchor (Made in Scotland) Upon speaking with the owner, he had been "across ed the pond" five times. Having trouble with the transmission I helped him push off. Later I thought that it was probably Pete Goss. One of my reading Hero's and I could have gotten my copy of "Close TO The Wind" signed. Kicked myself all the way home. Hope you had a good trip back to UK. Someday I will get my 29' Seafarer into the water, Needs lots of work and money. You are part of the inspiration. Thanks Bob Palmer

16 Feb 2014


Hi Pete, I just finished reading Close to the wind. I sail a lot including 2 handed Melb to Osaka. Apart from a great read it managed to remind me of all the emotions, highs and lows as well as the fatigue, chores, repairs and laughs plus the finish emotions. While my race isnt in the same league as yours we do share the spirit of adventure. Thanks, will now give to my teenage sailing mad son to read. Love the final quote too, after my wife went through cancer treatment it pretty much sums up our approach to life.

26 Jun 2013

Mick Healey

Pete, fantastic listening to your adventure to Australia on board Spirit of Mystery. Wishing you many more safe journeys. Remember; One ship sails east one ship sails west its not the wind or the gales but the set of the sails that determines each ones destiny.

23 Jun 2013

Stu Pryke

Nice to see you have got involved in Kayaks!! We didn't pull through btw on that 2008 south china sea row from Subic to caught in 5 typhoons in under 3 weeks!! If you are looking for another paddle member for the North sea paddle..let me know!! Still in HKG with cathay but may move to help start up the new jet fleet in Zambia for Proflight. I recall the Celtic West days and your sojourns to all the various talks with great fondness!!!

02 May 2013

Tim Patterson

I love the fact that you talk about the safety. Have a great trip and be careful of the little ducks. Can we get more information on the sailing rig and the kayaks Pete and Andy are using?

25 Feb 2013

Lee Ashton

Pete Goss for Mayor!!!!! Well done my old mate. Cicumnav of Tazmania in 50 days eh? It would take me 50 years to circumnavigate my bathroom. Speak soon. Lee.

25 Feb 2013

Sally Neil

Thought I would upload this photo of you guys having baked beans at Nubeena. Love it!
And well done for completing the circle of Tassie :)Peninsula Aquatic Club Secretary PS: oops couldnt upload it :*(

20 Feb 2013

Paul Moody

Well done Pete and Andy!! Enjoyed everyone of your colourful desciptive blogs and feel like i know the coast of Tassie real well. But 750,000 strokes later, dont know about u 2 but i am enervated after you trip. Wheres the next prodigious project going to take us?? Cheers and beers Paul

20 Feb 2013

Graham Burnett

Congratulations,another job done.Hope all ok catch up with you and Tracey when you get home.Graham/Mandy

20 Feb 2013

Pete and Tracy Childs

Well done Pete and Andy. Thanks for the reports as you went around Tassie. You must have earned a good 15 minutes rest now!
God Bless from all the Childs Family

18 Feb 2013

Susie Eardley

Congratulations!.It's been great following your adventures and you've helped inspire another generation of our family to get out and Do! Thanks.

18 Feb 2013

Annie Turner

Well done, Pete and Andy! Fantastic journey, and thank you for taking us all with you through the wonderful blogs. Here's to your next venture! Love from Annie, Fizz and Ben.

18 Feb 2013

David Clack

Another life affirming adventure. Very well done and thanks for spreading the word about Tasmania!
Hope you get the Tamar Ridge.

18 Feb 2013

Tom Jacobs

Congratulations to you both on a fantastic expedition and a well erned rest!

17 Feb 2013

Matthew Watton

Great effort Andy & Pete on a very successful trip. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Tassie. from Matthew Watton

17 Feb 2013

Bill&Jo Gilbert

Well done both you-Thought about you many times eating our Bacon Butties in Tredis Wood with the wind blowing through the Pine Trees --- Here`s to your next Adventure . Bill and Jo

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