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18 Jan 2013

David, Lesley Alice and Edward Pond

Great to see you doing so well - keep smiling and paddling. Very envious to see the blue skies and seas as we sit here in Kingsand in front of a roaring fire listening to the wind and sea smash against the wall at the bottom of the garden and unable to distinguish  between grey sky and grey sea. Stay safe and thank you for the great pictures. David Lesley Alice and Edward - Edward loved the shark!

16 Jan 2013

Ben Buckle

Loving the blog you two, checking daily for news and updates! What a great adventure... very envious. Stay safe. best, Ben

14 Jan 2013

Martin Pryor

left, right, left, right...keep digging that paddle mate and enjoy the infamous west coast. Fair winds and waves. I envy you to bits. If you stop in Hobart do call! Looking forward to NZ. Martin

14 Jan 2013

Matthew Watton

Sensational effort getting down to Point Hibbs for your first day in the south-west wilderness.

12 Jan 2013

Jean Trott

Just returned to Devonport and able to look up your web site.  Amazing!  Serendipity strikes again... I feel very lucky to have met you and Andy.  I see that you made it to Strahan.....  too bad Dave was a bit reluctant to invite you to dinner, or tea as they would say.  Tasmania is a very special place, and especially Trial Harbor.  I escape my life in North Carolina once every year for about a month to keep a good perspective on what is important in life.  Eleanor Roosevelt\'s famous quote of \"try something every day that scares you\".  I am trying to live by that at the moment, even though I got a late start!  I am 61, but now I want to be very adventurous.... not too late I hope!  Safe travels, Jean Trott

12 Jan 2013

Graeme Leith

Hello, Pete,
Wondering how you are getting on and wishing you well.
Have you got webbed hands yet?
In contrast to your wet and windy times, we are visiting India next week.
Let's meet up with a pint soon, to talk about what's next for us.
Wishing you exhilarating times and much laughter along the way, Graeme.

10 Jan 2013


An entertaining account of the trip so far. All the best for the rest of the trip. Will be interested to hear how the sails perform, they look a little bigger than we normally fly down here. PS I believe there is a tradition of a roll upon rounding South West Cape!

08 Jan 2013

Mandy Owston

Loving reading the blog and seeing pics sounds like an awsome trip so far Tazmania sounds like a stunning place hope you continue to to have good luck and that the weather /seas are kind to you x

07 Jan 2013

Paul Moody

Hi Pete! Cant believe it was 4 years ago when i sailed around Cape of good hope with you, Andy, Mark and Elliot in Spirit of Mystery!! Remember thinking then how small the boat felt in those huge southern ocean swells. Now your in that same ocean with only 4 inchs of freeboard!! Wow thats really different. Looks like you and your mate are going to have a great adventure. At least you can pull up to the occasional pub on this voyage?? Take care and good luck fellas. Paul Moody

06 Jan 2013

James Lees

Pete. 20 years ago this weekend (ish) we arrived in Hobart on Hofbrau. That was a great adventure. Hope that you are having a great time exploring some more of Tasmania - another brilliant adventure. Good luck and safe paddling.
James and Sue Lees

05 Jan 2013

Susie Eardley

I managed to get copies of Close to the Wind and the boys were really chuffed to receive them for Christmas. Loving hearing the nature reports from Tassie .... no penguins or dolphins here in the Peaks, though the waves are getting larger as the rain keeps falling! Safe paddling .... Susie, John and the boys.

05 Jan 2013

Jason Freeborn

Hello Pete & Andy,

I'm part of a very informal kayak group here in Cornwall, Kayak Kernow. We generally meet on a Sunday morning for a social paddle, but some of us do a little more adventurous stuff too. We're watching your progress with interest and hoping for some blog updates soon. Can you let us know how the sails are helping or hindering?

Best of Cornish/Scottish Luck!

Jason Freeborn, River Fal.

04 Jan 2013

Jeff Jennings

Good to hear you are enjoying Tassie sea kayaking. Try to spend some time in Bathurst Harbour and climb Mt Rugby, you wont be sorry. Also it you have time visit Maatsuyker Is on the south coast.

04 Jan 2013


Hi Guys, Great to camp next to you last night and catch up yesterday in natures 5 star outdoor shower. We hope you found a good feed last night. Great website and story. Safe travels and forward journey. Jason, Karen & 3 kids

03 Jan 2013

Annie Turner

Wonderful to be looking forward to reading your blog again each day - thank you for 'taking us with you' around Tasmania! All the best from us. Paddle on well, and no p-p-p-picking up of a penguin! ;-) All the best to you both, Annie, Ben and Fizz.

03 Jan 2013

Simon Phillips

Fabulous to read of the latest adventure. It's been a long time in the making. Good luck to both of you guys. Catching up with prgress as I sit here in west Cornwall, watching the day break.

03 Jan 2013

Mandy Owston

Good luck with your latest adventure, hope all goes well, will follow with interest

03 Jan 2013

Iain Barr

Hi Pete,

Whatever you do don't let your guard down on the west and south coasts of Tassie.

Watch the sky and cloud patterns and don't completely rely on the weather forecasts.

Our weather comes from Antarctic waters and it can get very ugly very quickly especially on the west and south coasts.

Take care and have a safe journey.

PS - I'd halve the size of that sail if I were you or you'll be swimming quite a bit (with the sharks) :-)

02 Jan 2013

Matthew Watton

Well done so far. I hope you enjoy the hundreds of little Penguins at Half Moon Bay, Stanley if you stay there tonight.

01 Jan 2013

Dave Edson


Best wishes to you and all your family for a wonderful New Year 2013. We are looking forward to exploring Tasmania with you and Andy from here in Northern Virginia - what an excellent adventure and incredible way to begin this New Year! Have a blast, be safe, and keep in touch.



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