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28 Jan 2013

Doug Drader

Just read Close to the Wind. Looks like your still making a living at it. Haven't read a sailing adventure book in 25 years. Hope to do some more sailing with my grand kids this summer. I've been sailing since 71. Nothing like you but long weekends on inland lakes in Montana mostly. Started kayaking last spring. Cheep kayaks that fit on the deck of a Catalina 25. Retired last year.
Hope your life continues well
Doug Drader

27 Jan 2013

Paddy Ellis

Hi Pete, best of luck, just wondering if when you capsize its like being the right way up? On! On!

26 Jan 2013

Peta Stuart-Hunt

Sending a heartwarming hug and all best wishes for another successful adventure. oxo

25 Jan 2013

Angela & Brian

Hi Pete,
Glad to hear that you are both ok after taking a bit of a dookin, (soaking).Good luck with the rest of the trip.xx

25 Jan 2013

hingston family

We feel very blessed to have met you both so early in your journey.Having followed your progress you have made great progress. Our Irish family head back on Monday so Bluff Hill Point will be very Quiet. Safe Travel to both.

25 Jan 2013

Pat Fraser

So relieved to have today's news & to know that all is now well & wishing you both a more relaxing & enjoyable finale to this latest venture.
All the best,
Pat & Tracey Fraser, South Gippsland.

24 Jan 2013

george skinner

following the journey, with you in spirit.
just a thought, there is an event which has never had the coverage it deserves, it takes place at Easter, From Devizes to Westminster, 126 miles with 76 portages. Can be done over the 4 days as a double, I used a boat called a Tasman, which would have made a great vehicle for cameras on the water, plus the support crew could also film from on the bank.
The race also has a fast section (Non-stop) and a junior section (over the 4 days).
Just a thought, might turn into a good TV programme/s

24 Jan 2013

Jeff Jennings

Hi Again Pete,
I'm the sea kayaker who made the Tassie sea kayak sailing video clip on YouTube. When you are up on the ne coast call into Bridport and we can have a counter meal and beer. We are off to Schouten Island this weekend but I dont reckon you will reach that part of thre coast while we are there.
In a couple of days you will be paddling some more of Tassies spectacular coastline when you pass Cape Raoul and out to Tasman Island. This area has the highest sea cliffs in Tasmania. Have a great time.

24 Jan 2013

Sarah Lafferty

Hi Pete,

I've just tuned into your paddling expedition and delighted that you and Andy survived that little tumble outside Tasmania. Such a dull life you lead - Godspeed!



22 Jan 2013

Danny Redman

Hi Pete & Andy, great to see you are finally heading in a somewhat northerly direction, Where you are camped @ cockle creek is about the same spot we camped this time last year, Enjoy!!! Danny & Linda

21 Jan 2013

Jimi Wright

May the wind be at your back, your seas smooth, and your landfalls gentle. You\'ve been an inspiration to me for years with your Vendee conduct & service to the Royal Marines. With your inspiration I completed a sail expedition from Cape Horn to Antarctica in December following liver transplant 1 year earlier. One crewmate from King Island, now 65, circumnavigated Tasmania by kayak some years ago. Be blessed on your journey Pete

21 Jan 2013

Mark and Gina

Hi Pete, it looks lovely where you are and you will not be missing the weather we are having. Half way already - enjoy the second half and watch out for nobby. You can think of us scraping the ice off our cars each morning. All the best.

21 Jan 2013

Danny Redman

Hi Pete & Andy, great to see you have made it too the bottom of our little Island, Stay safe & look forward to catching up soon.
Danny & Linda

20 Jan 2013

Matthew Watton

It was exciting watching you round South-West Cape on the tracker at 2.30pm today. Great effort.

20 Jan 2013

Al Dunham

Hey Pete & Andy!
Wow you guys sure can paddle! Just about half way & going strong, the blogs are fascinating to read & I hope they end up in a book with your photos. you guys are an inspiration to life itself.
I wish I could have a trolley for your craft at every stop! Al, Somerset

20 Jan 2013

Gordon Frickers

From a frozen SW France... Thinking of you and wishing you both the very best of luck, Gordon Frickers

20 Jan 2013

Lee Ashton

Keep paddling and all the best.
Keep safe Royal
Best regards

20 Jan 2013

Paul Moody

Hi Pete and Andy from 4 inches of snow covered Dartmoor!! Glad you made it OK around the cape. Bet thats a great milestone. I liken that (while not on the same wild scale) to paddling around the Lizard with a following westerly up yar behind ready to flick you over if you relax or stop making good speed? then it should be calmer as if you are now heading north to the manacles and finally Falmouth. Must be a great feeling?? While i am here up date on the Vendee. Gabart less than 2,000miles to the finish with Le clerk only 200 miles behind!! pierre dick third and thomson fourth with less than 700 miles from the leader. Golding still sixth but closing. So should be an exciting finish?? Take care boys - dont know about that large black fish following you in one of you pics, scary stuff? Ta ra La's

20 Jan 2013

Jean Trott

Hi Pete,
I am following your progress around Tasmania from Melbourne.  I am enjoying the tennis open up here!  It sounds like the past several days have been amazing for you and Andy..... stay safe and keep up the incredible push to get around Tassie!
Best, Jean

19 Jan 2013

Imogen Beer

Hello Pete,
Hope you are having a great time on your Adventure?The sea looks very choppy!
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip.
Love from  Imogen xxxx

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