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07 Dec 2010

Barry Roach

Pete, I immensely enjoyed your discussions with the Halma group here at Ashridge both last night and this morning. You're an inspiration to us all - especially your phrase "Leadership is earnt through respect from your team". Your comment about us all looking for the anchors in life such as houses that are paid for and pension schemes was very thought provoking too. It encourages me to survey my own life. Great meeting you - I shall purchase your book when I get back home at the weekend.

27 Nov 2010

Kathryn Sellick

well done pete not bad good try from tegan,kathryn,miss bodgin and miss wells

27 Nov 2010


Hi Pete amazing job u done out there. Exelent.
Are u going to keep the route du rhoum?

27 Nov 2010

Tegan and Kathryn

Hi pete its me again im a middle fan of yours im writing because i whant some a fise whan im older should i do what you've done? I've whanted ever sonse i've heard of u should i give it a go then pete?Can u some time come to our school LITTLE TOWN PRIMREY we would love u to. every y5 is talking about u they are

27 Nov 2010

Darren Matwichuk

Thank you for a truly wonderful race thanks for taking us along. My wife and I now are converted tea drinkers and will try to use less plastic now as well

26 Nov 2010

Gini Wells

What a fabulous last blog, Pete, summing up the final hours of the race! You have captured the imaginations of yet another generation of youngsters at school and it's we who must thank you for including us in such a wonderful adventure. Yes, let's do something else soon! Wishing you a relaxing return to the family fold - Gini and the kids from Littletown

26 Nov 2010

Jared Howorth

Great to meet you the other night in Antigua, a true inspiration for my sister and I, look out for a brother and sister mini 6.5 team with St Piren´s cross on the sails!

23 Nov 2010

Josh Rowe

Congratulations Pete, we've been following since week one you've done really well. Please come and visit us soon.
Good work!!!
From Josh Rowe at littletown primary school

22 Nov 2010

Anne Turner

Fantastic, Pete! Great result - 14th is grand! Hope you have a good time in Guadeloupe and then a special time back with Tracey and the 'young'. Can't wait to hear what the next Goss idea is!

22 Nov 2010

Warwick and Kathy

Well done Pete, obviously a cracking time, your smile says all.

22 Nov 2010

Pete and Tracy C

Brilliant Pete. What a great team you have gathered together. God bless you all.
Pete and Tracy

21 Nov 2010

Gillian, Sean & Rose

Congratulations Pete! Glad you have arrived safely.We have enjoyed sharing your adventure and hope to see you soon. Make sure celebration drinks are on Dave!

21 Nov 2010

Dave Edson

Congratulations Pete for your finish! We have been tethered to the computer all morning as you have marched smartly toward Pointe à Pitre. Good show! Enjoy the after race celebrations and rest - you have earned both! The girls and I are now off to have Natalie's cupcake in your honor (see previous note).



21 Nov 2010

Pete Gaskin

Hi Pete, great finish and trust Guadeloupe proves a fitting end to a challenging Race.
Enjoy the stop-over and hope to see you Dec oe Jan.

21 Nov 2010

Michael McLean

Hi Pete, well done on a fantastic result. It really sounded like you enjoyed that race. Good to follow on your blog and facebook group which Stu kindly set up. Have a good beer or two, well earned.

21 Nov 2010

Evie Fowler

I hope you do well and finish in 11th,12th or 13th.You are doing really well good luck on the last few miles.We are learning a lot about winds foloing you like high presure and low presure winds please may you vist us the year fives in Littletown Pete.I hope you do well in the last few miles well done from Evie fowler from Littletown.

21 Nov 2010

Stuart Benjamin

Excellent!! Well done, Pete. Let's hope this successful re-entry into solo racing sees you challenging on the high seas again some time soon.

21 Nov 2010

Imogen Beer

You done it Pete. My hero and a true adventurer. Hope to see you soon, to tell us all about it, at Burraton School. Love Imogen XX

21 Nov 2010

Chris Haughton

Fantastic result in the route de rhum .I followed your progress throughout the race .Brave decision to take the southern route it could have paid off !!.Many congratulations

20 Nov 2010

Andy Sinclair

GO FOR IT PETE! been following your fantastic blogs the whole race, just been waging war with my website late tonight and I was really pleased to see that you were still in the run and theres still a few places up for grabs! Go get em!I red your book during the summer and it inspired me loads to get on with enjoying my life and doing the sailing I want, I'm going to start rasing the funds towards a mini transat campaign!
i would love it if you could check out my website to see what me and my friends are doing

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