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03 Oct 2010

Brian Cowl

Hi Pete,


Linda and I were so proud to be invited onto Team Philips at the launch in Dartmouth and all our best wishes go with you on this latest adventure.

Take care, be safe.


Brian and Linda, Malvern.

03 Oct 2010

Erik Hardonk

Hello Pete,


Recently I stumbled across your book 'Close to the Wind', when tidying our boat. Reread it for what must be the third time, sometime with a lump in my throat. A good read and a fine show of real seamanship. It is good to know that there are still people caring for others that are in trouble.

I wish you the best of luck and success for your next trip!


Best regards,


Erik Hardonk

03 Oct 2010

John and Crhis Kelly

Hi Pete,

The heady days of Aqua Quorum are seeming pretty distant!  All the very best with your new venture - with you in spirit.

Best regards. 

John & Chris

03 Oct 2010

Jeremy White

Hi Pete,

Just to say how brilliant it is that you're putting an environmental message loud & clear with your next venture.   As an ex vicar/passionate dinghy sailor, I'm now focusing on eco issues & promoting low C lifestyle. 

Keep safe, all the best, Jeremy White

03 Oct 2010

Sue and Arthur Boyt

DMS - Brilliant concept, brilliant graphics, brilliant way to highlight marine pollution and its dangers to wildlife - SAIL ON!


Have a great Route du Rhum, all good wishes.


Sue and Arthur Boyt

03 Oct 2010

Gini and Year 5 Class at Littletown Primary, Honiton

Wow!  That's some livery!!  Love the new look and the new name for 'Concise' and I hope you and she have a wonderful race together.

I'm very much looking forward to introducing you and your latest challenge to another generation of youngsters at school and, of course, following your progress on the tracker.  Only sorry that I won't be able to get down to Mayflower Steps to celebrate the naming with you - I hope there will be some local tv coverage to help us landlubbers share a taste of the adventure. All the very best, Pete, may you have the best of winds for the race. 

With all good wishes,

Gini and her Year 5 class at Littletown Primary, Honiton.

02 Sep 2010

Tyler Denver

Hi Pete!


I just finished reading your book: "Close To the Wind". What a treat is was to be there with you on your journey through your first Vendee!  As an avid sailor in America, I love the sport and I love learning about sailing from anyone who makes sailing life!  I have a physical disability which would likely prevent me from ever competing in something like the Vendee, but to experience it within the pages of your book was wonderful.  Keep up your great work with your sailing and your foundation in effort to reach people in ways that were never before possible.  If you are ever visiting the States and are going to be in Denver, Colorado, I would very much enjoy the opportunity to meet you.  You are an inspiration to me to keep going when the going gets tough. Thanks so much!



Tyler D. Denver

Colorado, USA

30 Aug 2010

Terry Curtis

Great news to see you are back in the big races with the new boat 'Concise'.

Good luck.


01 Aug 2010

Brett Purser

Hi pete


Just finished 'Close to the Wind'.  Was passed to me by my brother-in-law with whom I sail.  Loved the book most inspiring and touching at the conclusion.


Your love for the sport is uplifting and your wife Tracey's understanding unbelieveable.  Thanks for the great read, look forward to chasing up more of your adventures.


Cheers Brett



27 Jul 2010

Sue and Olivia

Pete and Team


Thanks so much inviting two bedraggled swimmers to look round the Spirit of Mystery.  It was inspiring to hear all about the build and epic journey.


Love the website and especially the Playing for Success initiative.


Good luck in October with the Route du Rhum!  Thanks for the tea and muffin!!


Sue and Olivia

23 Jul 2010

Don Crooks

Just completed your book 'Close to the Wind', I know it is ancient history to you now but what an amazing story ... having run a few businesses of my own over the years and having been in the Merchant Navy, I have a fair idea of what you went through.


I have the utmost respect for anyone that can put themselves out there in that massive beautiful ocean by themselves, went through a storm or two in a big tanker and that was enough for me to respect the big water ...enough to know a little yacht is not for me out there.

01 Jul 2010

Leslie Lessig


I just completed your book "Close to the Wind" on the plane, and I immediately turned it right over and read it again! I have never read a book twice in my life. What an amazing story, I'm so glad you could share it with us, so well written.

17 Jun 2010

Robert Fryer


I was captivated by your speech given at a recent BCSC conference in Bournemouth so decided to go and hunt out your book.  I never really read at all so a big surprise to my wife when I couldn't put this down.  Being one of those people in the hum drum straight jackets of life as you put it, I was impressed at your endevour, courage and final outcome, inspiring! 

One small point for us land lubbers, not knowing 'diddly' about sailing boats, please give some detail pics at the beginning of your next book as I don't know the difference between a number two sail, gybe or kick boards.
All the best to you, your family and the team on your next adventure, stay safe and enjoy following the wind!
Rob - Hampshire

13 Jun 2010

Colin Curtis

Glad to see your'e up and going again, I will follow your progress, have a great sail.  All the best, sail hard sail safe.

11 Jun 2010

Josh Hall

Hi Pete - just a note to say how great it is to see you racing again and in a Class40 - they are fabulous boats and you are going to have a lot of fun!

All the best


11 Jun 2010

Colin Strain

Great to see you taking on an Open 40.  I've been following your adventures since the Vendee and am constantly reminded of just how important it is to focus on the adventure rather than the journey.


Your ability to take on the odds and win, along with your resilience when things don't go to plan are more inspiring than simply winning races.


Keep 'em coming, my kids are now old enough that I can rope them in to following too and I know that your escapades will show them something of what can be achieved by those who dare to.


Colin Strain

11 Jun 2010

Rosie and Richard Morris

Hello Pete!

We're delighted to hear of your planned solo race in the Route du Rhum and will follow your progress with great interest as always. Wishing you all the luck in the world & may the Gods go with you.

Love to you,Tracey and family

Rosie & Richard - Ladock, Cornwall.

10 Jun 2010

Stu Elford

Hi Pete, As ever, it is a joy to be involved with your projects and this is going to be as exciting as ever. Thanks and fair winds.


Cheers, Stu.

23 Apr 2010

Niels Andersen

I just finished reading "Close to the Wind". It was given to me by a great friend whom I sail with. I am amazed and imressed by your stamina and your journey, both as a sailor and as a person. I can relate to your struggle with ignorance and arrogance as well as your focus on the core values and simple and robust solutions. May you have many more exiting and rewarding journeys, but hopefully not as challenging as the Vendee.

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