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29 Jun 2012

Tim Edey

Hi Pete, just wanted to say you are one of my sailing heroes, just reading close to the wind and have followed your adventures for many years. I sail an achillies 24 fin keel and you are such an inspiration to so many, with your writing of hard times when working in the marines and trying for sponsorship etc and finally getting it under way, it makes me so more dedicated to my own folk music career and your logic and thinking processes you describe have certainly been with me when I finally was recognised at the bbc radio two folk awards as musician of the year 2012, many thanks and best wishes Tim Edey

28 Jun 2012

Anthony Ruth

Hi Pete, We want to thank you so so much for a inspiring & fantastic talk/slide show of yours,your son, your family & friends's adventures around the world on sea & north pole. It was the most uplifting event at burnley boys & girls club that We had ever been to & We do hope that you will come again in the future with more of your wonderful achievements. Your Talk has inspired & given me the extra insentive to continue to reform the learning disability & special needs football team in burnley. Thanks again pete, don't leave it to long before another visit from Anthony, Kim & Simon Ruth

11 May 2012

Chris Yardley

I just did a course on a pilot cutter and one of the crew was astonished that I had never read 'close to the wind'. Now I have read it and it is me that is astonished! How could I have missed it for the past 12 years? A remarkable account, truly inspiring and a very enjoyable read. Thank you. In my line of work, the equivalent is 'fate is the hunter' by Earnest K Gann. I hope I have the privilege of shaking your hand one day Sir. Very Best, Chris

16 Jan 2012

Dan Delane

OMG! Just read "Close To The Wind"-as a boat owner and sailor I am, speechless. What a tribute to the human spirit!
D. L. Delane,
Beneteau 440,
Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.

27 Nov 2011

Lee Ashton

I'd just like to say what a guy Pete is, taking into account all that he has achieved. I had the honour of being in the same troop in training in the Royal Marines and in the capacity of colleague and friend. Despite not being in contact over the years, with everyone simply going their own way, until a cracking reunion last March, i followed Pete's progress from afar and proudly boasted to all that would listen, that my friend and former brother in arms, 'had done good'. I found Pete, a guy one could rely on, and totally unassuming. Always be proud to call you my friend Pete and i wish you all the success in all you do. Best regards as always. Lee.
P.S. Don't forget my ride on 'Spirit of Mystery'

21 Aug 2011

Imogen Beer

Hello Pete, I have been sailing in a oppie.It was raining but fun.hope to see you soon love Imogen

15 Jul 2011


Hi Pete, just wanted to say how good it was to chat at the reunion. The story of the French President will remain with me for a very long time. Looking forward to your next adventure and don't forget if it brings to you to South Wales pop in for a cuppa.
All the best Jess

03 Jul 2011

Wayne Salter


28 May 2011

Terry Burton

just finished reading Close to the Wind. Bloody hell Pete you had me in tears some of the time .. INSPIRATIONAL. Like you I also build and sail tri's, oops ! just checked Yours was a cat.Anyway not quite up to your class..Don't laugh the latest one is a 12 footer. I told you not to laugh. Being an old chap it's easy to car top.
My very best wishes to you and the family terry

14 May 2011

Lucy Murray

hi pete wishing u all the best i\'ve been a big fan since I saw you in Falmouth when my class went on a trip to the maritime museum to meet you.

13 May 2011

Dave Summers

Never one to do things the easy way are you Mr Goss?:-)

07 Apr 2011

Geoff Hunt

Hi Pete, Just reread Close to the Wind for the 3rd time. Never fails to inspire me. Keep up the good work!

04 Apr 2011

Roger 'Jessie' James

Hi Pete, just wanted to say how good it was to chat at the reunion. The story of the French President will remain with me for a very long time. Looking forward to your next adventure and don't forget if it brings to you to South Wales pop in for a cuppa.
All the best Jess

08 Feb 2011

Thomas Lynch

Competed in the Around Long Island Regatta last year (we came in first with a Beneteau First 44.5 - wow!), been cruising and racing in the Mt. Sinai Sailing Assoc and the American Cancer Society Regatta (2nd oldest charity regatta in the USA) on my Catalina 30 s/v Akula. And just finished your book Close to the Wind, very nice and enjoyable especialy while all our boats are under a few feet of snow here in NY. Best of luck!

02 Feb 2011

Rob McOwan

Hi Pete I hope this finds you safe, well & enjoying our meals!!

16 Jan 2011


Mr. Goss,
I just read "Close to the Wind" and didn't put it down for the entire weekend. It was an engaging read and a 'must read' for any sailor. I wish you all the best and thank you for your work making yachting more accessible to the everyday man (like me). Your book also helps explain the lure of the sea; my wife cannot understand my fascination with a long sailing journey.

06 Jan 2011


hi pete i no its the end of the race but how didu feel at the start of the race and the end of the race did u have a celibration soon can u plese come and visit but you will proubly have to talk to miss wells first

13 Dec 2010

Paul Moody

Hi pete! I ve been at sea the last few weeks so missed your finish!! but well done! with better winds on the southerly route you would have been close to the leaders aye! there are eleven in my crew and we all had a chuckle of your final blogs cause you made it all sound like you where just delivering a yacht across the channel had a few drinks quick sight see and came home!! also chuckled at you remembering you had your head torch on in the final video!! yeah we have all done it-walking into super markets, pubs etc. Anyway thats the boat i want, no breakages!! only a mug handle!! better make sure the concise team make them on your next boat!! incidentely will that be the open sixty for the Vendee race?? Happy christmas to you and the family cheers Paul and crew on \"Rhona\"

09 Dec 2010

Grahame Jackson

Hi, Pete and co. I went to both lauches of the famous ill-fated wave piercing cat in Totnes many moons ago. Way ahead of it's time. Just wanted to say thanks for that wonderful special moment in time. If you ever in Cape Town and need a extra hand or galley boy, just drop me a email. Ta. Grahame (RYA/MCA Offshore Comm)

08 Dec 2010


Dear Pete,
I would like to order Your book.
Is it possible to send it to Poland.

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