North Pole

Pete Goss has faced some of the most exhilarating challenges known to man and is now passing on his passion for adventure to like-minded people with once-in-a-lifetime trips to the North Pole.

You don’t need any previous experience of the North Pole (your average person generally doesn’t!), just a can-do attitude and a thirst for something completely new.

Together with team-mate Alan Chambers MBE, also a former Royal Marine, they lead groups through the barren beauty of the arctic wilderness to the very peak of the planet. Alan has ventured to the four corners of the globe from the heat of the thick jungle and dry desert terrain to the cold beauty of the arctic ice fields.

So, what is it like?

“To go there is only one way to understand the sublime beauty of the Pole, to respect its challenges and to experience the deep satisfaction of standing at the top of the planet. You have to go. It is indescribably marvellous.”  (Richard Eyre, Former CEO of ITV)

“The trip was like nothing else on Earth. It was a wonderful, awesome experience that will always be very special particularly because of the team members – the way people gelled was incredible.”  (Gordon Stein, Finance Director, Acorn Oil and Gas)

“It was a remarkable trip, truly an experience of a lifetime that was both challenging and extremely rewarding.”  (Charles Dunstone, CEO, Carphone Warehouse)

It is also safe, fun and challenging, so to find out about upcoming dates, and discover how it truly feels to be on top of the World.

Journey to Date
  • Kayak Adventures 2012
  • The Route du Rhum 2010
  • Spirit of Mystery 2008-9
  • North Pole 2006-9
  • Fastnet 2007
  • RB&I 2006
  • SeaCart 30
  • Playing for Success
  • Team Philips 2000
  • Vendee Globe 1996/7
  • British Steel Challenge 1992
  • Cornish Meadow 1988
  • Three Peaks Race 1984