Messages of Support

31 Dec 2012

Serre Guy

Hi Pete ! Très bonne année à vous ainsi qu à votre famille tous mes vœux pour vos challenges 2013 et à bientôt à st Malo. Guy

31 Dec 2012

Graeme Leith

Please pass on our very best wishes to Pete and Andy. We’re raising a glass of good cheer in their name for the New Year, remembering Pete’s admonitions not to worry whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, just drink the bloody thing anyway!!
<5% of route passed – enjoy all of it and good luck!

31 Dec 2012

Graham Finch

Pete and Andy
Best wishes for a safe trip and calm waters as you paddle into the new year. We will be following you as you go.
good luck.  Graham

31 Dec 2012

Danny Redman

Hi Andy & Pete, wishing you a happy new year & safe travels & hoping the wind abates or at least becomes trailing so you can enjoy the coast and not paddle as hard, cheers Danny & LInda.. PS we had a Boags & a glass of red for you!!!!

30 Dec 2012

Ben Vernon-Rogers

We shall follow your progress with interest. The best of luck from myself Ben Vernon-Rogers and my wife Mairead. (formerly of Tredis)

30 Dec 2012

Bill and Jo Gilbert

Hi Pete just to wish you both all the best for your new adventure. Will be thinkng of you and following your Blog. Take care & safe trip . Best wishes Bill & Jo

30 Dec 2012

Irene McKeand

Hi Pete, Following your progress as you kayak round Tasmania (with my brother!) have fun & stay safe good luck & enjoy!

30 Dec 2012

Michael Porter

We both wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. May the wind and rain be gentle on your backs. Carole & Michael Porter

29 Dec 2012

Tony Spencer

Hi Pete, Good luck Guys have a great trip, looking forward to catching up after the paddle. TS & the RYCV mob.

29 Dec 2012

David, Lesley Alice and Edward Pond

The Pond family wish you all the very best for your latest venture and every blessing for kind seas, fair winds and a wonderful experience.

29 Dec 2012

Andy Pidgen

Wishing you well on your journey. God speed and safe passage!

28 Dec 2012

Pete and Tracy Childs

Warmest support from all the Childs Family to Pete and Andy. Happy New Year to your families and may God's grace surround you. Have a great adventure. See you when you return to the UK.

28 Dec 2012

Eliot Goss

Hey Dad its Eliot, currently sat in NZ drinking beer with mum she's having a cheeky! trying not to make you jealous hahaha just good luck and paddle like hell so we can go for a pig hunt and a surf sooner!!!!!!!! cheers Chief fair winds

22 Dec 2012


Just finished reading 'close to the wind - noticed the date towards the end of the book...happy birthday! Keep up the fantastic work.

20 Dec 2012

Mick Griffiths

Hi Pete and Stuart, thanks for keeping on with the updates to the site. I wish you all the luck in the world with your new challenge and a very happy Christmas.

19 Dec 2012

Mandy Thompson

What a brilliant idea for a project. Hope you've got a decent camera to send back images and movie from the expedition. Will be following this with great interest. Good luck and have a great Christmas with Tracey and the rest of the family. Mandy

19 Dec 2012

Gill Harford

Good luck Pete with your new challenge. Stay safe.

19 Dec 2012

Kevin Jackson

All the best with the kayak adventure. Be keeping track of your progress and raise a glass to you both for the New Year. Long may the spirit of adventure continue for one and all.

02 Dec 2012

Lee Ulyat

Hello Pete, Just finished your book and wanted to say well done to finish and for the rescue.
It was teddy rosevelt who said "It is not the critic" quote which Im sure you now know, never was this more true and I wish more people took this mantra today.
I hope to one day complete a circum nav with my wife and the book was inspiring.
Keep up the good work not bad for a cabbage head ha ha All the best Lee

14 Oct 2012

Fernando Perna

Just finished reading Close to the Wind. This is the most honest and inspirational sailing (and life) book I had ever read. Thanks and I hope to meet you one day in person!

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