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04 Nov 2010

Martin Pryor

GO, GO, GO the good ship DMS! Watching with delight and willing you forward.

04 Nov 2010

Lewis Blackwell

hi pete hope you do well in your class gust wishing you luck gust keep fit and well littletown will keep track of your little boat from lewis

03 Nov 2010


Good to have you to watch as you skate across the ocean. Sandra and I are cheering you al the way. Hope the weather is better than here in Canada! Cheers !

03 Nov 2010

Richard Raistrick

Great to see you back on the race track Pete. Still as absorbing as the old TP days and thoroughly enjoying the posts. Very best of luck and fair winds.

03 Nov 2010


Hi Peter!
I am in absolute awe of you spirit!
Reading about your fight with your sail, made me laugh out loud.
Have fun out there,

03 Nov 2010

Pippa Ellis

Great to see you back. I shall be following you on BBC Spotlight as I did for Team Phillips and Spirit of Mystery.
regards pippa

03 Nov 2010

Littletown Primary School Honiton

dear pete
we hope that you win your class and do very well in the route du rhum. we wish you the best of luck. we will be tracking you to make sure you do well.
tegan anderson, imogen lyne, joshua foundling-hawker, lewis nicholoas, amy roulson and kathryn sellick.
children from littletown primary school, honiton 5rb

03 Nov 2010

Littletown School




03 Nov 2010

Charlotte Dicks

hi Pete
i found out about you at school
lots and lots of support
my teacher is Gini
did you get her messeg

03 Nov 2010

Paul Larsen

Hi Pete, fascinating race and watching every sched with baited breath. There's some interesting weather out there but I reckon you will come out alright... so get a churros into you before you leave the coast and then go wear the b*****s down. I bet you're loving it. Getupit mate and watch the spaghettios!!!

03 Nov 2010


I am from Littletown Primary School, Honiton go Pete go Pete yeh.

02 Nov 2010

Barbara Harris

Pete,so good to speak in St Malo on Saturday and see you rounding the Cap Frehel buoy on Sunday. Very best of luck. Barbara, Plymouth

02 Nov 2010

Peter Heath

Hi Pete,
You may remember me better from Feb 2008 - the 'old f*rt from Thailand'? You were a great source of inspiration to my son and I through really difficult and dark days following a horrendous accident to my son's fiancee. Anyway all is well, after a year's nursing back to health, she recovered, they married and now have a young son Leo and live in Bangkok. I have taken on new challenges too and at the age of 62, I aim to do the 3 peaks 24 hour national challenge next year. You were/are the best example to us of unswerving endurance in the face of all that can be thrown at us. God bless you in your latest endeavour. I will be following your route and progress. Thank you for your inspiration.
Regards, Peter Heath

02 Nov 2010

Rod Halling

Hey Pete! Good to see you working your way through the pack... Takes me back to supporting Lia's campaign 4 years ago. As you always said, if in doubt, have a cuppa and then decide. SO sad that you seem to be the only Brit (or Cornishman for that matter) in the race. Have a great time - the west country is thinking of you!

02 Nov 2010

Michael James Howells

pete what you are about to do is unbelievable and i say to myself thank goodness i only want to be an artist wihout the inherit risks and calculated dangers.pete you are passionate about what you do and inspire others with your enthusiasm.i hope it will turn out to be a fantastic experience.good luck god speed.diana who cant walk went down europes largest zip wire with oter disabled people and care assitants at torecare torpoint and there is a dvd made of it for charity. it costs £ torecare torpoint.

02 Nov 2010

Jack Connah & Andy Pidgen

Andy & I are thinking of You, Go for it Pete, we hope you are really enjoying it, keeping up to date on an hourly basis, be safe!
Jack & Andy (TMSC).

02 Nov 2010

Gillian Beer

It was fantastic to see you start the race in St Malo. Thank you for your hospitality and the time you gave to Imogen for her interview. Keep safe and enjoy the race!

02 Nov 2010

Jacques Grange

Hi Pete,

I am Elliot's Dad, I didn't meet you this week end but my son was so happy to spend time with you. thank you so much for the teaching and interview, hospitality he was so happy.I want to say thank you, to Dave and Dave family for the welcome, that they did for me. Allez Pete fonce et bon vent.

Jacques. G

02 Nov 2010

Warren Richards

Pete, we spent some time together in 96/97 with The Prince's Trust. Love the blog, as usual. Good sailing, see you tot-time! Warren.

01 Nov 2010

Famille Serre

Allez PETE !

Nous avons diné samedi soir au meme petit restaurant et avons apprécié (de loin) ta simplicité et gentillesse évidante .

Allons te suivre tous les jours sur ton site.

Bon courage à toi

amitiés à toi et à ton équipe.

Famille Serre


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