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31 Oct 2010

Jane Baker

Have followed your adventures for years good luck with this one. Am 82 yrs young and really enjoy any news of you.

31 Oct 2010

Tim Patterson

As always you guys are doing a great job of communicating. I still have my jacket from The Race project, though it is getting a little shopworn and I now wear the new one from Spirit of Mystery. I still remember the beautiful email that Pete's son [ then 9, I think ] wrote to answer all the naysayers saying how proud he was of his Dad for pushing the envelope. Pete is an inspiration to many, but clearly has made the family proud. Best to all, Tim

31 Oct 2010

Nick and Helen Fletcher

May the best wind find you. Go for it Pete.
Nick and Helen Fletcher. Mylor

31 Oct 2010

Bill and Jo Gilbert

All the best Pete -- Safe Sailing --- will be following you daily and hope all will go well. Bill and Jo Gilbert.

31 Oct 2010

Rosie and Richard

Hi Pete! We're thinking of you lots and wish you fair winds & a great race,come home safely, love and many blessings Rosie & Rich. xx

31 Oct 2010

Spike Briggs

Please pass on our best wishes to Pete, and in the best possible way, we sincerely hope not to hear from him during the next few weeks!!

Kind regards

Dr Spike Briggs
Medical Support Offshore Limited

31 Oct 2010

Mary Golden

Good luck and hope it all goes well. Nice for us to have an adventure to follow again. Take care

31 Oct 2010

Pat Brunskill DAZL

Hi Pete, have a great race, fair winds and stay safe - best wishes from Pat and all the crew at DAZL x

31 Oct 2010

Richard Freeborn

Have a great sail, and come back safely.
Oh, and make sure that most of the frogs only get to see the stern of Concise 2!!

30 Oct 2010

Jim Shurvell

All the very best Pete. May the sea gods be kind to you and the wind fairy favourable.

30 Oct 2010

Dave Edson


Best of luck on the Route du Rhum. Looks like hard work and opportunity are once again coming together for you! We look forward to tracking your progress to a great result.


Carlsbad, CA

30 Oct 2010

Andy Maskell

Hi Pete,

A few days ago in St Malo I wished you all the best for the race and I wish I was there now! Your projects and open style of presentation have been a real inspiration over the years and as a keen sailor also born in 61 it is great to see you back in ocean racing. I hope to get to one of your talks sometime and invite you to Ballard school near Bournemouth.

All the best again for the race.

 Andy Maskell

30 Oct 2010

Alex Goss

Good luck Dad! Race hard!! Alex

30 Oct 2010

Peter and Anne Jones

Good luck Pete from us and TMSC

30 Oct 2010

Anne Turner

Hi Pete, Wishing you lots of luck and all the best with all you need for a great race and safe yet exhilarating trip. Still raising my nightly 'Spirit of Mystery' cuppa to you, and will raise it throughout the race as we think of you. Go well! Many blessings, Anne, and Ben, too.

28 Oct 2010


Hope you have a blast and Neptune and Aeolus don't play too many pranks!! Will be following along (also in a virtual sense with the Ron Cazar race of!! Best of luck!

28 Oct 2010

Rowan Caunter

i hope you win the race. I came to look and go on your boats and had lunch at the mayflower steps, with my class in plymouth. i have your book and my teacher and my classlooked at it and covered up the blood of the fisherman that you saved in the storm. I loved it when i saw you it was does it feel in a storm. I am 7 years old and i did this on my own at home.

28 Oct 2010


Hello Mr. Goss,

I want to wish you all the best for the upcoming route du rhum. I am French, and remember that you risked it all to save one of my compatriots some years back. For that, and for your tenacity in promoting one of the most advanced sailing machines of our century, you have all my support!

I should add that this is the first time I ever send a support message to a competitor, on the web or elsewhere. best of luck to you, and come back safe.


27 Oct 2010

Isabel Hillard

hi pete,
good luck with the race, starting this sunday. i am currently in saint Marlo, unfortunatley i am leaving on friday so i will miss the start :( but i have been down to the boats many times to see what is going on!!
i am a keen salior myself, i sail a cadet and i do some causal yatch racing at Parkstone Yatch Club in poole, Dorset.
i was wandering whether you could advise me in how to get involved with doing races such as the 'route du rhum'? i am only 15, however, i very much enjoy sailing and would like to take it to the next step, in the near future!
i hope you have a great race, and i will be following you on your blog!
best regards,
Isabel xx

03 Oct 2010

Tony Spencer

Hi Pete, mate all the best from us at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in Melbourne Australia have a great race. We will of course be following your progress and cheering you on.



Regards to your family.

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