Cruise 2017 Adventure

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April 7th, 2018
Happy Dog
Anchored in the river there is always something of interest passing by and this dog, clearly happy with his lot caught our attention.
April 7th, 2018
American icon
We're in the US of A and its icons like this Coke truck that really jump out - what a magnificent vehicle.
April 7th, 2018
Charleston is a lovely city and thanks to a quirky history the old part of town has been preserved and so it feels like you have stepped back into 'Gone with the Wind'. We know this for Cary, a friend of a friend, kindly gave us an afternoon of his time and the most informative tour I have ever had. Such a gentleman and humbling in his commitment to the local community.
April 6th, 2018
Amazing food
Just wanted to say how well we eat on the good ship 'Pearl'. This home made Caesar salad popped up the hatch for lunch in the cockpit as we sailed from Canaveral to Charleston. Better than any restaurant!!
April 6th, 2018
Catch up
My apologies; I have been a bit remiss on the website thanks to a busy schedule and being sold a duff sim in the US. It's now sorted out thanks to Dino who gave us the most amazing service as he tutted at the last shops unprofessionalism. Once he had fixed us up he kindly gave us a lift to the supermarket and then dropped us to the marina on his way home. Lovely man.

Backing up a bit, in Freeport the Bahamas, we had a big fried rice in anticipation of a very early start for it felt like we were about to make a big step in that we had America in our sights. Technically we have crossed the Atlantic but the prospect of standing on American soil held a symbolic 'continent to continent' significance.

It's also a step to be taken with a degree of care for we were to cross the Gulf Stream which has a reputation for being a boat breaker and should be treated with respect. As it turned out the Gulf Stream was in a benign mood, the wind was fair and we arrived in daylight to find a good anchorage in West Palm Beach. Our good friend Colin Merry had given us a bottle of red for a special occasion and this was it. Cheers Col

We had heard endless horror stories of entering America so it was with some trepidation that we entered the homeland security office. It was clean, with clear directions and I can honestly say that they couldn't have been more friendly, helpful of efficient. So, it was with a light step that we walked out of the building with our twelve-month cruising permit and started to settle into the US. I say settle for it always takes a while to get organized from a new sim card to changing gas bottles and their attendant gas regulator. It also seems to take a few days to get one's bearings as to how things work. Its subtle but it's there and needs to be addressed with an open mind and a bit of patience.

A good night's sleep followed with the occasional clicking/grunting sound from outside the hull which we think was Manatee communicating. The weather being still in our favor we left West Palm Beach and its legions of super yachts for our first hop up the coast to Fort Pearce. It couldn't have been a better sail with a 15-20 knots up the chuff, poled out headsail, flying fish and Dolphin. Entering the channel was exciting as we had an ebb current of four knots backing up against the incoming wind to create standing waves. In the end it wasn't too bad but we did clip on as we entered the entrance for there was a lot of breaking water about.

The plan was to then make straight for Charlestown but as we closed Cape Canaveral very thick fog set in which we are told is a rare occurrence. Finding ourselves amongst a ton or cruise and cargo ships we decided to duck into a marina for the night which made for an interesting entry into what is a big port. Thank you radar.

Yesterday could not have been any more different with flat seas, bright sunshine and a rocket launch which was the silver lining hiding in the fog. The speed of the thing is incredible and the noise makes you grin from ear to ear - beats a Harley Davidson hands down. It was also amazing to think that it was the boys in the space stations shopping trolley. I wonder if the families are allowed to add the odd treat, they must be surely.

So that's us, or rather me caught up, as I bash away at the laptop the sun is out, we are motoring with the main and gennaker up with Charlestown fifty two miles away. It's going to be a night entrance but we have a full moon and it's a big port where I am sure we find a little spot to drop the anchor before getting our full bearings at sunup. It's been lovely to be at sea proper again for it gives space to reflect. Much like the huge turtle that has just bobbed past, head up looking around and seemingly happy with his lot.
April 6th, 2018
Sundowners on the helm
Sundowners on the helm with Eliot trimming
April 6th, 2018
Sundowners saw me on the helm, Eliot trimming and Tracey tapping her foot to the cockpit speakers. One of those evenings that will stay with us forever and Eliot can take with him on his travels down under.
April 6th, 2018
Perfect sail
Our last sail with Eliot was from the Berry Islands to Freeport and it was perfect. Particularly as the sun went down for we had the spinnaker up and a lovely sunset.
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