Cruise 2017 Adventure

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January 5th, 2018
Arrived in Antigua
Call from Pete 21.35 GMT to say they have arrived safely in Antigua. They are tired but happy and enjoying a glass of Champagne. When he said they had moored in Falmouth I thought Pete's navigation had gone wrong, but apparently there is more than one! Pete will do a full blog soon.
January 1st, 2018
Minke whales
Call from Pete 1813 hours, position 19 04N 50 43W, which means they have just 642 miles to Antigua and should arrive on Saturday. They had been doing 8 knots but the weather has turned a little fickle. Pete said New Years Eve was one of the best ever; they had the Spinnaker up and had a couple of 'sundowners' and then a couple of 'moonuppers' with music playing on deck and chatting until midnight. The last few days have seen numerous flying fish and dolphin around the boat. They were followed for a couple of days by two 30-foot Minke whales that got braver and closer as time passed, until they came right alongside Pearl. Pete and Tracey named them Charles and Camilla (the Wales's - get it?)! They send love to everyone back home. Cheers, Stu
December 27th, 2017
Blue water
Received a call from Pete 1804 hours, position 19 11N 38 19W. They passed the half way mark this morning. The weather turned for the better on Christmas Day and they really feel like they are in the proper trade winds now. They had a Marks and Spencer Christmas lunch as the sea turned blue around them with lots of flying fish to keep them company. Today they had a shower under a bucket on deck and celebrated with a Plymouth Gin and Tonic - with ICE! It has been a tough few days but they are really enjoying the trip having hopefully put the worst gales behind them and found real faith in Pearl. They have seen some shipping and Pete had to call up one ship that was bearing down on them with no signs of altering course; it passed within a mile, which is close in a big ocean. They hope to be Antigua in ten or eleven days but are enjoying the fact they have no deadlines and aren't racing so don't have to push hard. Pete and Tracey send love to all. Cheers, Stu
December 22nd, 2017
30 Knots up the chuff
Hi All, I've just had a call (1527 hours) from Pete at 22 27 N and 24 22 W. They have 30 knots of following breeze which they expect to have with them for the next two to three days. It is good that it will speed them on to Antigua quickly, but bad because it is pretty rough and Tracey is feeling queezy, but she has come up into the saloon and is feeling a bit better. They didn't expect the trade winds to be this strong, but are in good spirits and have seen flying fish. They send love to everyone. I said Happy Birthday to him from you all. He is saving the Prosecco until the weather calms. Cheers, Stu
PS - The pic shows them leaving the marina at Lanzarote...don't they look so happy and relaxed?
December 17th, 2017
The Big Off
All very exciting here for we are heading off to Antigua in the morning. Its been such a good break where we feel that things have just dropped a gear as we start to settle into our new life. We couldn't have chosen a better spot than Marina Rubicon which is one of the best Marina's I have ever stayed in. Huge pontoons, lots of room to manoeuvre, clean and the best staff and facilities to support any boat from engineering to electronics. All this is fronted by Laura who is the most amazing front of house and many other things too. She couldn't have been more friendly, helpful or genuine. I would double her salary if I was the boss - here she is as we say goodbye
December 16th, 2017
An easy 8/9knts in Biscay
December 16th, 2017
A very cold dawn as the sun rises behind Galicia
December 16th, 2017
A happy boy
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