Cruise 2017 Adventure

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December 5th, 2017
Off Finisterre
Pete sent me a message at 0536 this morning saying that they were off Finisterre. It has been a good trip so far, Pearl has been amazing and Tracey has now cracked the bay of Biscay. After a rough start and some motoring, they are now heading straight for the Canaries. The sun is rising over the Galicia mountains and although it is cold, the sun should start to warm them up. Every mile further south should ease the temperature and make the journey more pleasant. The picture is of Tracey dressed for the cold. Stu
PS - Just spoke to Pete and they are in great spirits and send love to all.
December 2nd, 2017
Under way
Pete sent me a text at 0748 to say they have cleared Guernsey and are heading for Ushant...'To the Canaries and beyond!' Fair winds guys. Stu
December 1st, 2017
The Big Off
So, here we are on the brink of another adventure. Tracey and I have had many but this one's at sea.

Tomorrow we leave Guernsey for the Canaries and then on into a five year circumnavigation. There is excitement in the air and a huge sense of relief in that the trip is about to begin. It's taken a year of hard work to get all the building blocks in place from selling the house to having the boat built and what a boat she is. 'Pearl', named in celebration of our thirtieth anniversary, is a Garcia 45 Exploration. She is the boat of our dreams and we are already calling her home so it didn't take long for her to win our hearts.

As you can imagine the job list is still nagging away so I am going to stop now and get on with it. That said we are good to go for boats are always ready but never prepared. The forecast is looking good to get us to Finisterre and if we are lucky it may well allow us to carry straight on. Its funny not racing, we have the choice to stop if we want. I fear I may have had it all wrong up 'til now and to have the two of us together is such a treat.

One of the things that I haven't quite managed is to get the satcom to send data so blogs will be very brief as I phone them in.

Here is 'Pearl' on a mooring in Alderney
December 1st, 2017
position test
Position test in St Helier
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