Cruise 2017 Adventure

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March 14th, 2018
So we left Nassau yesterday in a brisk breeze which was just what we needed to blow away the port rot. Too much time in a marina is not good for us and by eleven days we had started to come out in a rash. No reflection on the marina which was lovely and the staff couldn't have been nicer. More a reflection on us for the reason we bought a Garcia 45 Exploration was so that we could anchor in remote places and be completely independent. The main reason we go to Marina's is to provide a safe haven when I am away working which was the case this time round with a quick trip to Amsterdam. Two Atlantic flights in three days and fighting through busy airports was enough, like an addict I craved wind and freedom and so it was with a light heart that we slipped the lines. Unusually, for this trip, we had the wind on our nose and we loved it for we haven't done much windward work so far. With the centre board down 'Pearl' put her shoulder to the seas and romped away. What a boat.
March 12th, 2018
Variety is the spice of life
They say variety is the spice of life and I got it with a quick trip to Amsterdam. I was only there for 28 hours but it was a good 28 hours. After a deep sleep I had a fascinating day with Optiver where I was working with the Partners. It was a real pleasure. On arrival back in Nassau Airport I had the best welcome any country has given me in the form of a live band in the emigration hall!!
March 4th, 2018
pah - mine's 75 horse power but its an inboard
March 4th, 2018
This owner likes his toy's!!
March 4th, 2018
This one was a nosey fella
March 4th, 2018
shark and ray
I took this standing up too my knees in water as shark and ray swam about!!
March 4th, 2018
Swimming Pigs
This is a funny one - swimming pigs, yes thats right, swimming pigs
March 4th, 2018
Pablo Escobar
This is one of Pablo Escobar's planes that had to ditch by the runway which was very busy in its day
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