Cruise 2017 Adventure

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August 24th, 2018
Whaling Ship
Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum is a must and I have always wanted to visit having heard so much about it. It didn't disappoint and the truth is that I could have spent a second day there. One of the highlights was Charles W Morgan which is the last remaining Whaling Ship. Having read a lot about this era, seen the films and visited the Whaling Museum in Nantucket one could walk about and project oneself back in time.

To get here we stopped in Block Island for a few days but for some reason the camera didn't save the pictures so I will take some next time we go back, its a lovely spot. The weather wasn't too good with lots of yachts dragging anchor which made for some interesting viewing. People just don't put enough chain down and it amazes me to see people casually drop their anchor and pop off to the bar with no scope out at all. The tow boat man makes a good living off this.
August 24th, 2018
Tony Bullimore was one of my inspirations as a young sailor and so it was sad to hear of his death. He was such a lovely man who always had time and good advice, particularly on my first single handed transatlantic race on Cornish Meadow. This picture was sent to me by a good friend of a BBQ in Newport after the finish. Tony is on the left with his lovely wife Lalel - the two kids on the right is us. Steve Callahan is the one standing up and eating. An amazing man who survived 76 days adrift in the Atlantic on a life raft. His book Adrift is fantastic.
August 24th, 2018
There is a lot of wealthy people about these parts and so the houses are impressive. In Cornwall, they would make for a good-sized hotel. This one has its own marina!!
August 24th, 2018
I have been following the Draken Harald Harfagre for a while now and so was hugely excited to see that she was in Newport and open to visitors. This is just the most amazing project for it is the largest Viking ship of modern times. The design and construction is a joy to see and you must visit their website to see video of her sailing in rough seas. When we were designing Aqua Quorum Adrian Thompson and I had a few wines and decided to put a Viking ships lines through the computer and were amazed at the performance. We did it again in the morning to make sure we hadnt made a mistake. We hadn't.
August 24th, 2018
The second summer cottage that we visited was Breakers which made up for its ugly exterior with an opulent, some might say vulgar, interior. Whatever you feel they are breathtaking and it was interesting to see the degree of cutting edge innovation that was folded into the design.

One of features of ones time in Newport was to throw lavish parties that got more and more out of hand as time ticked on. One lady threw a party for a hundred dogs who were dressed up and sat at a huge table. Another planted a big orange grove in the garden and had two full orchestra performing!!!
August 24th, 2018
Just had to add these kites for they were amazing thanks to colour, scale and the fact that the swimmers legs went up and down as they swam.
August 24th, 2018
The Elms
Newport Rhode Island has a lot to offer on many fronts but for me its the summer cottages that stand out. It was here that the great and the good congregated for the summer and demonstrated their wealth. The British would call it a pissing contest and these guys could piss like a race horse.

There are lots of them remaining thanks to a restoration trust that was set up after twenty-two had been demolished, one for a car park. We visited two and our favorite was The Elms, what's extraordinary is that they were only used for eight to twelve weeks a year.
August 16th, 2018
NY Yacht Club
One of the absolute highlights of Newport was being invited to the NY Yacht Club for an evening meal on the terrace overlooking the harbour. We met Chris, Kara and their lovely family in the Bahamas and promised to catch up with them in their home port. We felt like royalty as the club launch picked us up with a uniformed cox. Chris and Kara could not have been more gracious and the club is just amazing. Sunset saw us all stand for the canon as the Stars and Stripes were lowered. I just love how patriotic the Americas are.
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