Cruise 2017 Adventure

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July 21st, 2018
There is nothing like an American Diner for breakfast
July 21st, 2018
How about this for a view from an office window - gave me an opportunity to get a Birdseye view of our approach top Boston.
July 21st, 2018
It took an email from Larry Landau to highlight the fact that I haven't done a blog for three weeks. Blimey, where did that time go.

Time flies when you are busy and we have been very busy. The week of our UK departure saw us traveling all over the country with my work. I then had to go to Boston for a few days and have to say it's a lovely place and we look forward to returning by sea.

We arrived back to 'Pearl' in Deale and in no time had her back on the water where we cracked on with a load of jobs. Engine service, victualling, sorting the fridge, getting mosquito nets and sun shade made etc.

In the middle of this we took a weekend out to sail across to St Michaels which is across the other side of the bay and has a lovely anchorage. It was so good to get away and have some quiet time to settle back in. In the last couple of months we have flown right round the world and it was a joy to be traveling at six knots with the wind in our hair.

Once on top of the jobs we moved to Annapolis for a few days as we waited for a part from Volvo to cover a recall on our engine. It's a lovely place with lots going on including the naval cadets doing their morning exercise at 06.00hrs. There are thousands of them and they are very vocal so it sounds like a football stadium on steroids. The first morning there I leapt out of bed thinking we were under attack!

It turns out that the Volvo part won't be fitted until Tuesday so we motored across to Swan Creek to get away from the madness and it's a stunning anchorage full of wildlife. The brackish water and heat makes for nature on steroids so a cuppa in the cockpit most entertaining.
June 29th, 2018
A green and plentiful land
June 29th, 2018
We also had a lovely trip with Traceys Dad to Dorchester where Dorset did us proud. You cant beat a ploughman's lunch in a pub garden on a sunny Sunday
June 29th, 2018
Rame Head
As you can see Rame Head is still as stunning as ever - the Champaign and location is thanks to a lovely BBQ with our good friends mark and Erica
June 29th, 2018
Home time
This morning I took breakfast in the room that the Treaty of Versailles was written before going to the castle for signing. It's in the most amazing Chateau which is now a luxury hotel where I am giving a speech this afternoon.

This gives me a couple of hours to catch up on a pile of emails and knock out a quick blog. When we're not sailing I tend to go quiet for I can't think you would be interested in our day to day life.

A life that been pretty full on and a lot of fun since we laid up 'Pearl' in the US. Two weeks in NZ catching up with Tracey's brother followed by two weeks in Sydney for my youngest brother, Andy's wedding.

Since then we have been in Cornwall catching up with friends, family and topping up the cruising cash sack. To that end I have done three trips to France, a trip to Oxford, Didcot, London, Luton and another that I can't remember.

On the friends and family side we have been catching up with back to back socializing to the point that we need a break. Ass such it's with some excitement that we anticipate our return to the good ship 'Pearl'.

It's been great to spend time living in the woods where we have been woken up by birdsong which is something that we have missed. I've also missed cycling so it's been a pleasure to pedal my way along our lovely Cornish Coast.
May 30th, 2018
Great Poster
I just love this tongue in cheek poster we saw in Sydney Harbour
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