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15th February 2022


 She's coming together - check out the deck 

14th February 2022


 This is our bespoke water tank ( being fitted. Given that we are planning on long term cruising we wanted as much capacity as we could fit into a 32ft boat. As such we have 426ltr of water and 344ltr of fuel which is split across two tanks so that we can manage dodgy fuel. The tanks are bulletproof which was top of our list having suffered a split tank in the past which nearly required cutting out accomodation or replacing with a bladder.

12th February 2022


 Spring is pushing on winters door with Snowdrops giving it their all. Oddity will be leaving the boat shed in a weeks time and after so long the prospect seems a bit surreal. I am so excited to be able to stand back and see her from a distance. Being so unconventional there is also a dash of nerves, will she have character. I do hope so.

11th February 2022


 We had a good morning yesterday for we fitted the pilothouse lights and they worked perfectly. We treated ourselves to Calibra lights which have a button in the middle of the master switch to turn them on and then dim them. They are high quailty and emit natural light which yellows as they dim to add atmosphere. Not having to locate a bulkhead switch saves time and materials. 

11th February 2022


We are a LEWMAR boat for their design and quality which, after well over 250,000NM, I can attest too. The anchor windlass has a remote that plugs in to the socket just to the right of the pilothouse as you look at it. Always good to be able to look over the bow when its in use. Before you say anything the pilothouse hatches are meant to face in opposite directions. One will act as a vacume/extractor over the galley when its wet and the other as a wind scoop if its hot.

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