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8th May 2022


 As you can see Traceys interior design is starting to come together with the addition of cushions. There is pictures to follow but we love the light, bright cheery feel of her.

7th May 2022


 Apologies for the delay in updating the blog but its been mad mad busy from sun up to late in the night. The good news is that the good ship Oddity is launched, sailing well and is now safely made off to her mooring well up the Tamar. As such you could say that the build is done bar all those little jobs that follow on and in the round are rather fun. We all feel very happy, proud and depleated. This is Alan Harris of Sailshape making a template for the Dodger in our pre launch push.

2nd May 2022


 Thats about 1.8 tons of lead ballast loaded from the trailer to the pontoon at low tide in rediness for Oddity's launch. We lowered her in to find she floated perfectly. She then remained in the strops as we loaded half the ballast to give her enough stability to be independant. Once the hoist had moved off we loaded the rest keeping an eye on trim. I'm going to sail her for the rest of the season to get the feel for her before deciding to add  abit more or not. She feels about right though.

6th April 2022

About to settle by the water at least - not far to go now!

5th April 2022


 We had to climb up and lift some wires over the wind generator bracket but she did it.

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