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4th April 2022

She's off

 What a milestone that was. Oddity is now by the waterside with a big joblist to get her ready for launch next week. The whole operation was very tight by Newman Haulage squeezed their crane in and Charlie the next door farmer was amazing as he wriggled her through the village. 

3rd April 2022

Electrical panel

 Finally, after much running of wires and crawling about in tight spaces we have reached the point where we are pulling it all together by wiring the back of the panel. Feels like we have hit another mile stone.

2nd April 2022

Main Sail

 Here is a nice angle showing the mainsails shape. I have never sailed with a gaff rig before so it was fun to make my first hoist. I am thinking that I am going to enjoy sailing the good ship Oddity.

1st April 2022


 We had a good day yesterday as we made what felt like another big step towards the water. Origionally we had planned to try the sails on Monday but the long term forecast was awry so we posponed it a day. Truth we just managed to catch a quite hour within what was a blustery day. This is the mainsail which, due to the angle, is actually bigger than it looks in the picture. I'm delighted with the colour, quality and shape - the number is our grandaughters bithday which I am sure in time she will appreciate.  

15th March 2022

Clever Stuff

 Colin and I are working our way through the wiring and can see light at the end of the tunnel - thats the heading sensor in.

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