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24th May 2022


 It was so so nice to turn off the engine grab the helm and just glide along after all those months of power tools grinding away as we built her. In terms of sailing we have always said that all she needs to do is get us to our destination at a fair average in a safe manner and I have no doubt that she will do this. After that she is to provide a comfortable home base for exploring which she undoubtedly does. The night before we had our dear friends Bennie and Fiona over for our first meal beyond just the two of us and what a good night it was. Everythig worked and the atmosphere was lovely as the sun set through the pilothouse windows and we moved on to dimmed cabin lights. 

23rd May 2022


 We decided to make for the Yealm as she was tugging away at the anchor to stretch her legs. Up went the sails and she was off. I really like the Gaff rig and am already getting familiar with the erganomics of the deck and cockpit. But the big question was would she sail? Well, Im pleased to report that she does and really quite well. Granted it was light airs and calm waters but I was suprised that the more modern yachts around us didnt just disappear over the horizon. In fact we held our own so initial indications are good. 

22nd May 2022


 As you can see we also launched Qwerky and I spent a few hours getting the rope work as it should be. I can lower her and raise her on my own and she drops perfectly alongside the swim platform which can also act as a transom and boarding ladder depending on its angle. Ive yet to go for a swim but looking at it I am sure it will work a treat - really pleased with idea. Qwerky rows a treat and Tracey and I had a lot of fun rowing up the estuary enjoying nature. She has two rowing positions so that when there is the two of us on board we can sit at either end and she stays in trim.

21st May 2022


 Im pleased to report that we managed to get away for our first trip on Oddity and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and it was fun to do everything for the first time. As you can see the Lewmar windlass and anchor held us in Cawsand Bay where I put the Bow Sprit out for the first time. This enabled me to measure the Bob Stay so that we can be ready for the Code O when it arrives. 

20th May 2022

Jobs Jobs Jobs

 Its amazing how many little jobs are required to get a new boat, let alone a one off design up to speed. Designing the Code 0, measuring and making the dynema bob stay for the bow sprit. Sorting out the dinghy hoist, topping up with fuel and water, splicing mooring lines, soucing the MOB kit and simply getting to know her nooks and crannies. As you can see this included putting Traceys pictures up. She's a wonderful little home and will be a lovely base from which to explore all those remote inaccessible anchorages that her design will open up.

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