The Oddity Blog

2nd May 2022


 Thats about 1.8 tons of lead ballast loaded from the trailer to the pontoon at low tide in rediness for Oddity's launch. We lowered her in to find she floated perfectly. She then remained in the strops as we loaded half the ballast to give her enough stability to be independant. Once the hoist had moved off we loaded the rest keeping an eye on trim. I'm going to sail her for the rest of the season to get the feel for her before deciding to add  abit more or not. She feels about right though.

6th April 2022

About to settle by the water at least - not far to go now!

5th April 2022


 We had to climb up and lift some wires over the wind generator bracket but she did it.

4th April 2022

She's off

 What a milestone that was. Oddity is now by the waterside with a big joblist to get her ready for launch next week. The whole operation was very tight by Newman Haulage squeezed their crane in and Charlie the next door farmer was amazing as he wriggled her through the village. 

3rd April 2022

Electrical panel

 Finally, after much running of wires and crawling about in tight spaces we have reached the point where we are pulling it all together by wiring the back of the panel. Feels like we have hit another mile stone.

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