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10th March 2022


 As you can see we are moving forward below. Really pleased with the light open and cheery space.

9th March 2022


 Once the standing rigging was made up and secured we were able to rig up the boom and gaff. I've never had a gaff rig before which made it all the more interesting. The reason for a gaff rig is to ensure that all the spars are within the boat length when we morph Oddity into a canal boat. It was nice to be able stand back and change the gaff angle until it pleased the eye. Once we went firm it was time to measure up for the sails. The mainsail goes into production today and it looks like we shall have everything from sails to dodger, bimini and cushions ready for hitting the water end of April. I'm so glad that we bought the cloth well ahead of the game to avoid supply issues.

8th March 2022

The Big Crimper

 Alan's van is an aladins cave when it comes to rigging. Out came a drum of rigging wire, up went the mast to measure rigging lengths and the furler was laid out on the grass for assembly. Once again it was lovely to be an integral part of the process for it helps build up the knowledge bank for future reference. The picture is a terminal being crimped, pressed or some other technical description for attaching it to the wire. Its thirty tons compression and needs to be run through twice to acheive the required reduction in diameter.

8th March 2022

Alan Harris

 i can't move on without introducing Alan Harris who I have known for many years. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I opened his sail loft in Fowey when he was a young bright eyed youngster with bundles of energy and enthusiasm. He has grown the business to employ eighteen staff who can serve every need from the top of your mast down to the bottom of the keel. Its an amazing achievement and its been a pleasure to offer the odd bit of advice and mentoring along the way. In that time he has made me some of the best sails I have had and supported a number of firends projects with rigging, sails and dodgers. He has expanded to own Quay Sails in Poole and so is able to support vessels alomg the south coast. The main loft is in Lostwithiel and it has all the technology of a modern set up. Its a pleasure to know Alan, his wife Emily, an integral part of the business and the rest of the team.  

7th March 2022


 We had a big day on Monday which was focused on the rig and sails. Alan Harris of Sail Shape came up in his van which is a mobile work shop to make the standing rigging, design and measure up the sails. This picture shows the rig up and bow sprit in place. Its the first time I have raised and lowered the mast and it works an absolute treat with the pullpit acting as an 'A' frame. Its certainly something that Tracey and I will be able to do on our own with ease, which, after all is on of the features of the design - total self reliance. 

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