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25th February 2022


 Her she is. We have always wondered what she would look like once out of the shed and we like her. Oddity suits her as a name and we look forward to seeing her on the water which won't be until end of April. As you can see the pulpit was designed to act as an 'A' Frame to raise and lower the mast and I'm p[leased to report that it works a treat.

24th February 2022


Oddity is out of the shed and I sadly missed the event due to having to work in London. Apparently it went well and she is now chocked up ready for the next phase of work which is fitting the cockpit arch before we add the SuperWind 350, solar panels and stern light. We also have to set the rig up before we design and measure the sails. We still have some work inside, primarily electrics but we have plenty of time thanks to her staying where she is until we launch her end of April.

20th February 2022


 Last night Oddity was dropped onto six 5 inch fence posts in readiness to be rolled out of the shed. Its like being expectant parents as we wait for nature to give us a window of opportunity. Looking at the forecast I'm confident she will be out soon and that there is a sunny day on Friday so I shall wait until then before I take some pictures for the blog. If you follow the keel shoe down  and aft you can see the big lug that will be used to pull her. This is designed so that if it comes to it we can hitch her up to a tractor and drag her up a river bank or some such thing.

19th February 2022


 Another storm Eunice picture. This was taken by Colin of yachts on the trot off Tamar River Sailing club which is just down river from the Saltash bridge.

18th February 2022


 Storm Eunice gave it her all yesterday and what a wild day it was. It got me to thinking about storm options that you have on a standard yacht and being grateful that Oddity gives us so much more. With under three foot draft we would have been able to wriggle up a suitable creek well inland. We also have the option of greatly reducing windage and increasing righting moment by dropping the mast and dodger. This would be followed by putting on the heating and kettle to ride it out. If needs be we could dry out in our 10mm steel shoe - it was a heartening thought as we watched these boats leaping about on their marina pontoons as the storm started to build.  

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