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9th February 2022


 Testy testy - this is our cabin light being tested. Might not look much but after wriggling the wiring through from the switch panel it is so rewarding when it works. Thats Colin by the switch panel doing his magic. have to say I've really enjoyed being his apprentice for I've learned a lot and know every connection and wiring run which will help with future maintenance. 

8th February 2022

We have a table

7th February 2022


 This is Kaye from Abet Laminate and her husband Alan on a visit as the internal structure takes shape. The next time they see Oddity she will be in all her glory and I cant wait to show them what we've done below. 

7th February 2022

Table coming together

 This the parts for the table having their edges varnished. Tracey was able to choose whatever colour and texture she wanted in Abet Laminate. This was then bonded to marine ply of the required thickness. Tracey decided to go for exposed edging and it looks great.

6th February 2022


 She's a jaunty little thing!

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