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6th March 2022

Mount Batten Boat House Ltd

 I've just made my last visit to Mount Batten Boat House to collect some Lewmar hatch blinds and 60m of 8mm chain. Its clearly not my last in the sense that they are the best chandlery/marine services business in Plymouth. Indeed, I left asking for a chain hook which I had forgotten to add to my big Oddity shopping list which they have scourced for me over these last months. The picture features founder Gavin Heandon who I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years across all sorts of projects. Always helpful, hugely informed and a man of his word. Amongst other things Gavin supplied and fitted the engines on Team Philips and Spirit of Mystery. In the round I couldnt miss this opportuntiy to give them a well deserved shout out and special mention for Karen who is a mainstay.

27th February 2022


 We went for an early morning walk in Padstow this morning and its a stunning estuary. I've always wanted to come here by boat but have had to wait until Oddity with her shallow draft and ability to dry out for it to be attainable. Suddenly any number of lovely cruising opportunities have opened up to us. Ones that will be pretty much all ours thanks to the limitations that most keel boats face. 

26th February 2022


 Here she is looking from aft as she shows off a very safe and protected cockpit which can be closed off once the boarding platfrom has been fitted.  Carrying her beam all the way aft has given us loads of deck place and volume below.

25th February 2022


 Her she is. We have always wondered what she would look like once out of the shed and we like her. Oddity suits her as a name and we look forward to seeing her on the water which won't be until end of April. As you can see the pulpit was designed to act as an 'A' Frame to raise and lower the mast and I'm p[leased to report that it works a treat.

24th February 2022


Oddity is out of the shed and I sadly missed the event due to having to work in London. Apparently it went well and she is now chocked up ready for the next phase of work which is fitting the cockpit arch before we add the SuperWind 350, solar panels and stern light. We also have to set the rig up before we design and measure the sails. We still have some work inside, primarily electrics but we have plenty of time thanks to her staying where she is until we launch her end of April.

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