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14th May 2022


 Its been a while since I popped a post up and its mainly because we have been very busy catching up with other areas of life that were neglected in the final rush to get Oddity on the water. That and some work which took me away from home for a while. Although we havnt really had a proper sail we have slept on board for four nights as part of settling Oddity into her life on the water.  Our overall sense is that she is just what we wanted and we absolutly love what she offers us. A safe comfortable airy home that will give us years of fun. Since the launch we have ticked off loads of coomisioning jobs and she is starting look like a finished boat. As you can see the dodger is on as is the boom cover - I like the look of her.

12th May 2022


11th May 2022


 She looks ptretty on the water - the last of the lead is about to go in and she has settled to her lines.

10th May 2022


 Here's Qwerky desperate to a taste of the sea - she rows like a dream and I look forward to setting up her lug sail when I get a moment.

9th May 2022

Chris Rees

 The moment of truth with Chris Rees in the foreground. Chris is one of the most talented people I know and without him neither Oddity or Spirit of Mystery would exist. Designer and master craftsman. 

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