The Oddity Blog

18th August 2022


Thanks to being mad busy I didn’t realise how long its been since updating the blog. 

We have been grabbing every opportunity to get away on Oddity and we have settled into her with confidence. 

There have been lots of firsts including the joy of taking Qwerky out for a row and her first sail.

18th August 2022


Another first was flying the Code 0 and it’s a real work horse in light airs.

18th August 2022


We’ve just returned from a perfect week in the Scilly Islands which included a reach down the coast at a steady 7knts with surges of 7.6.

18th August 2022


One of the last jobs on my list was fitting the Lee Cloth which as you can see offers a great sea berth.

18th August 2022


We left Mousehole at 02.00hrs for a lovely night passage to the Scillies which ended with a perfect sunrise over Lands End. Our Super Wind 350 wind generator has proven to be a fantastic workhorse in keeping our power topped up. In conjunction with a 150W solar panel we have ice in our Gin and Tonic and never think about power. 

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