The Oddity Blog

Wednesday 29th December 2021


Blessed with restless spirits Tracey and I find solace in the life of a maritime gypsy. A life of natural beauty, the challenges and joys of exploration, complete independence and the wonderful people we meet. We have designed and are building a one-off boat who’s brief is to explore the coast, upper reaches, rivers and canals of Europe. She is ocean going for we want to explore the Azores and cross the arctic circle.

Oddity is her name for she has a bit of all my past boats in her, a mongrel if you like. We look at a map of Europe including rivers and canals and its thrilling for that’s what Oddity gifts us. This is our last boat and we see at least twenty years of fun in her so if you’re interested join us for the ride through this blog and don’t be afraid to knock on the hull to say hello if you see us.