Cruise 2017 Adventure

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September 12th, 2018
We stayed a day in Chesapeake City as it poured all day, we were tired and had a lot to catch up on. It was lovely to spend some quality time with Tony and Connie, fellow Ocean Cruising Club members, such lovely people with many years of experience and advice under their belt.

It was a relief to see that it looks like we will miss the worst of Hurricane Florence in Chesapeake Bay. Given they can be unpredictable I was keen to recce some Hurricane Holes and so we stopped in Turners Creek which has potential. It was here that we really became aware of her power as the water level surged above all the docks. Its power fomr so far away is really mind boggling.

We left for Georgetown at the top of the Sassafras River on a misty morning and were pleased to find another Hurricane Hole. It is also a place to stock up, do the washing, service the engine and have a great night in The Granary where the locals made us so welcome and we met a load of other cruisers. Dave who owns the Granary and his staff couldn't be nicer, the food is great and we weren't last at bar Trivia.
September 12th, 2018
Up before dawn for an amazing sail down to Atlantic City. Breakfast under Gennaker, lunch under spinnaker and a softening wind saw us complete 80 NM before sunset. A very gratifying day with an underlying sense of urgency for Hurricane Florence is coming our way and it feels a bit unnerving. Chesapeake looks the best place to find a Hurricane Hole so once again we set off early for Cape May with a building wind. It didn't take long to have two reefs and the headsail poled out with surges of 11knts. This meant we arrived too early with 30kts of wind over a foul tide. Cheekily we sniffed our way into the beach and nipped round Cape May a couple of hundred yards off the beach in a flat sea with large waves tripping up and tumbling over a 2.5knt foul tide offshore. We were tickled pink as we snugged Pearl down for the 40NM slog up Delaware Bay into 25/30knt winds. She dug her shoulder in and loved it. I cant speak highly enough of Pearl, this sail threw everything at us and the three of just took it our stride. It was a very gratifying day which underlined how far the three of us have come. Its also the first time I have hove her too and she was so docile as we waited for a prolonged 35knt squall to vent its spleen as we waited to creep close to the beach.
September 12th, 2018
Not five and a half hours later, thanks to the tide, we were at anchor. The contrast from the madness of NY couldn't have been more graphic. We had burst through a washing machine and popped out to this stunning sunset. It left us wondering if NY had actually happened.
September 12th, 2018
The Statue of Liberty is just stunning, particularly in the morning sun and it was great to have Julian and Patricia with us for we did a photoshoot of each other. We celebrated with Frank Sinatra belting out 'NEW YORK NEW YORK' on the cockpit speakers and just loved it.
September 12th, 2018
The trip keeps you on your toes for there is a huge tide running which saw us doing twelve knots over the ground with all sorts of shipping about. At one point, we came close to the shore as a big barge we coming through and found ourselves a boat length from commuters in a traffic jam.
September 12th, 2018
New York
To motor through NYC takes you through every level of society and the mechanics of a big city at work. Early on you pass just in front of La Guadia Airport runway and it's amazing the number of planes that land. There is a queue of them and they just clear your mast as they make final approach. Big barges pass up and down river carrying all sorts of cargo. There is the prison on Rikers Island and what I am sure is a prison ship which is a sobering sight and makes one doubly grateful to have the freedom and means to do a trip like this. Soon after the Manhattan Skyline comes into view, it's a stark contrast.
September 12th, 2018
Port Washington is one of the stepping stones to NY for it's in the catchment area for the tide to carry you right through the city. We came here to see Julian and Patricia on Acapella of Belfast, an Allures 45.9. She comes from the same yard as Pearl and so we became friends as we shared the trials and tribulations of starting an adventure like this. They left a month ahead of us up until a lovely meal on their boat we have been limited to email. We put the world to rights and it was interesting to share our various perspectives on the experience. The resounding conclusion would be that we have no regrets.........apart from a thick head as we got up before dawn the next morning. This picture is thanks to Julian as we make our way towards NY feeling very excited at this symbolic milestone that we have both been looking forward too since we decided to do this trip.
September 4th, 2018
I just love pioneers and this fascinated me
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